Lions Club of Sandringham Inc.

District 201V5, City of Bayside, Melbourne, Australia


A child summed up the whole programme in these words

“Dear Lions Club, I would like to donate my glasses

I was six years old when I got them,They don’t fit me any more and I needed a new prescription.

Can you please send them to poor children that need them.

From Cate (pair spectacles)”

Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Inc started 12 years ago in Queensland and generally has grown to receiving 15,000 pair of used spectacles each week- 650,000 pair each year from all over Australia.With the current setup, the programme has been able to refurbish 90% of spectacles received and recycled around 5% of the remainder through metal recyclers (and gaining some income). The balance, generally plastic framed non prescription spectacles, have been unsuitable for the programme.

1  Boxes from Lions Clubs in Lions Christmas Cake boxes are noted in our records (for future confirmation to the sender) and placed ready to be sorted into boxes of prescription, bifocal, sunglasses etc. (hearing aids, unused contact lens and miscellaneous optical equipment etc are boxed and used directly in relation to expansion of service and ready for export generally to Asia and Africa with humanitarian groups)

2  The next step is to sort the boxes from item 1 above, into prescription spectacles, reader glasses (both prescription the same and angle 180- similar to sunglasses purchased from Pharmacies and Gift shops), bifocal (2 halves with different prescription).  Unsuitable frames, major damaged lens are discarded, either to metal recyclers or council landfill.

3  The boxes are notated with style and ready for washing using our 5 industrial cleaners and then dried, checked for suitability, and ready to be graded.

4  The boxes with roughly 200 pair per box are stored and then graded in our 12 lensometer machines by a number of persons on the work for the dole Commonwealth funded employment development, generally 15-25 persons on 15 or 30 hours a week.  In addition a number on Community Service Orders are also involved as is a number on Volunteer Work for Centrelink pensions, and a number of Lions volunteers.

5  In this step, the spectacles prescriptions are written on labels and included with the pair of spectacles in a plastic envelope ready for sorting into export boxes. Like at each stage in the process the end result must stay within specified guidelines and rules.  40 washed boxes (8,000 pair) are also forwarded to our Numinbah Correction Centre (Gold Coast Hinterland) to be graded by residents of the centre before being returned to Redcliffe Centre- generally a 4 weeks occurrence.

6  After being graded, the spectacles are sorted into boxes, each box containing 100 pair of a particular prescription and 100 pairs of the next higher prescription (both longer  sighted or shorter sighted) and stored in our export area.

7  Last financial year, we forwarded close to 500,000 pair of refurbished prescription spectacles to 20+ locations in the third world worth around $90,000,000 of humanitarian aid from Australia, but more importantly enabling half a million ADDITIONAL persons in the third world who could not see properly to now see as well as Lions in Australia. Since we started the programme in 1991 and received a license direct from the International Board of Lions Clubs International in 1998 the Australian programme  has given sight to over seven million person in the third world from those spectacles, that Lions across our nation collected from their local communities.


Youth of the Year 2019

Congratulations to Megan from Sandringham College, Yash {left} from Melbourne High and

Zac from Mentone Grammar. Yash was the overall club winner and Megan the public speaker

club winner.   



Thank you to Brad Roswell MLA Sandringham, Carolyn Newall - We Teach Well

                  and Alex Izadi NAB Branch Manager, our wonderful judges.



Zone 8 & 9 Final

 Kate Blain- Overall Winner  Zoe French- Public Speaking Winner                      2018 YOTY Contestants



Children's Mobility Foundation.

The Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation provides specialised walkers to children with Cerebral Palsy and other similar disabilities. Started by David Hart in 1998 the foundation has enabled more than 1900 children to walk with the aid of these fabulous walkers. (see attached photo). Lions Clubs around Australia assist with funding and support for the family over many years as the child grows. Currently the cost of the walkers is around $12,000. The benefit to the children of being able to walk upright means they can be involved in sport, keep up with their peers and do many of the things other children do.

A major fundraiser is Walk for an Aussie Kid each year around September, however donations and bequests are always welcome at any time. For more information please see or contact our District Chair Bev McLennan at


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